Our TAB Board experience enables my business partner and me to focus time on our business and not just in our business. Like most owners and managers, we get lost in our day-to-day activities, never finding time to improve and upgrade our business. It’s easy not to realize the consequences of putting your own business on the back burner, and the severe amount of money, time or energy it costs you.

Fortunately, four years on the TAB Board have brought many lessons. As a result, we developed an employee manual, started quarterly staff meetings, improved our insurance (saving more than $21,000), developed our store image and logos, and tackled numerous issues my partner and I were too afraid to approach. Having a business partner can cause extreme resistance, anger and wear on a relationship. Through our monthly, one-on-one meetings with our TAB facilitator, Greg Yank, we have resolved many issues, improved the future view of our company and now work toward the same business goals.